Hey, Milford Sound.

On the third day in the South Island we took a bus to Milford Sound. This was one of those fateful days that just worked out. We'd heard a lot of conflicting things about going to Milford, and I was positive we weren't going to be able to go. It's a must-do in the south island, but it is so hard to get to. In fact most of my friends in NZ said the times they tried to go, the road was closed. So imagine being able to go AND it being the most beautiful day ever.

Also, the joy of tour buses was that we got to stop a bunch on the way and see pretty cool things.

Guys, there is nothing in the world like Milford Sound. Nothing.

More photos in next post.


A week of outfits.

Now that I have a new JOB, I get to dress up a little more than I do at home. Our office is laid back enough where I can get away with jeans, but since it's still work I do have to look appropriate... I am having fun with this.

Of course the two photos taken outside are from the weekend...

If you are curious about where any of my clothes are from, follow me on instagram- hipster.abbey. This is a new insta that I made to track what I wear every day. Call it a social media experiment.




At the top of Queenstown.

After a yummy meal at Fergburger, we headed up the giant hill to the gondola. But first we stopped at the Bird Sanctuary where we saw some kiwis! We weren't able to take photos because it was in a dark habitat, but they are so cute! We wandered around and saw a NZ possum and a lot of interesting birds. It was a fun way to spend the afternoon. Then we finally made it up to the gondola & headed up to the top of a mountain.

The views are gorgeous. Do I even need to say it? Every photo we took was lovely. Ah, New Zealand. How I miss you.


That time we Bungee'd.

Whit and I were strangely in agreement on one thing: we were going to bungee in the south island. We are generally not dare devils, but that is one thing you can't leave NZ without doing. So we did it.  We arrived to the HQ in Queenstown around 11:00 in the morning, before being weighed and put on a bus out to the bungee jumping location. As soon as we arrived we had to basically walk the plank out to the jumping station. The walkway swayed and I realized that I am a little scared of heights. Swaying walkways are not my thing. Then me and Whit decided to go first- so they buckled us in and backed us up to the edge of the platform. We weren't worried until we had to walk backwards to the edge of the platform. We got to go in tandem & it was so fun! I would definitely do it again! The drop was an adrenaline rush, and then the view was gorgeous. What a thing to do.

After we drove back to Queenstown, we headed into Fergburger- the famous burger restaurant. It lived up to it's fame and definitely sated our hunger.