Whit in Auckland

My best friend came to visit me in Auckland during my last two weeks and we did a LOT. Most of the first week I was stuck in school editing, but I found time to get out and explore Auckland! We went to the Auckland Art Gallery that's right off of Albert Park, which gives you lovely views through all the giant glass windows on the second floor. We stumbled in on an interactive exhibit, where people can write whatever they want on the walls. So we got down on our knees and added some quotes to the wall- mine is from American Beauty. Love.

Afterwards we were thirsty so we headed towards Elliot Stables to get a juice and an appetizer. But on the way we stopped into Smith + Caugheys (Auckland's fancy department store) and tried on some hats. We really should have bought some.

Later that week before meeting up with some friends we stopped into an asian dollar store. We both bought oven mits of all things.

Then I said a little goodbye to Lord Auckland in Aotea Square. We won't be seeing each other for a long while. :(


On Turning 24 & Back in Houston

I turned 24 nearly two months ago now, back when I was in Auckland in the midst of our short film shoot. Every year I dread the upcoming birthday. I'm the baby of the family and all of my friends, so maybe I have some sort of young complex. But this year, amongst break-ups and new friends and new places and perspective changes, I found myself looking forward to 24.

I'm in the midst of job searching and finding myself in Houston again. I'm updating my resume and my CV and finding it hard to be professional while talking about myself. I want to tell them that I am the girl who was terrified to drive on the left side of the road, but did it anyway, and was rewarded with the most incredible coastal views of New Zealand. I am the girl who broke up with a boy after 7 years and turned out just fine. I am the girl who bungy jumped, and rode horses, and hiked through New Zealand's south island with my best friend. I am the girl whose no longer afraid of traveling alone. I am the girl who was terrified of coming home and having to face reality, but whose been here a week and is surrounded by incredibly supportive people and is having a relatively easy time adjusting to a new life. I am the girl whose no longer afraid of being cheesy.

Because this is cheesy, and I'm doing it anyways.

I'm not sure how to incorporate this into my relevant experience, but I'm sure going to try. ;)

So here's to my 24th year. So far my goals are to find a job that inspires me, to learn guitar, to make new friends (but keep the old- you know how the girl scout saying goes), to join a new church, to get my own place, to travel again, and to stay healthy and feeling whole.

I think it's going to be a good year.


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Last Week of Film School

In our last week of film school a couple of things happened. First of which, Whit came to visit me from Texas. Second of which was that our group's edit was picked for our school screening. Third of which was Brenda (the other source of editing in my group) went home. This meant a lot of juggling on my part. A couple of full days were spent in front of a projector fine-tuning our edit. The other days were spent exploring with Whit (those photos are for another day).

I took two selfies on accident during one day. That is a feat in itself. One came out way worse than the other did. Ha.

Also, I will miss my flat when it comes to napping. There's the perfect amount of sunshine that pours through to keep you warm, but not quite wake you up. :)


Stolen photos.

I was looking through Brenda's phone a while back and found all these photos from school I hadn't seen before! So I did the nice thing and stole them to put on my blog. So here is a behind the scenes look of my time at school in the last month. :)

There's some sneak peeks of our class' photoshoot that I mentioned back here!