Back to PIHA PT 2

It was a good thing we went back to Piha because the first time I went I forgot my memory card for my dslr! So this time we got to take some nice quality photos to remember my favorite beach by. :)

It was cloudy and gloomy, but still so lovely and quiet.


Back to PIHA!

After our venture to fairy falls, we headed to our last destination- Piha. If you remember, I'd already been there once before. I took Whit because it may be my favorite beach in the whole world. The giant rocks you can hike, the many sea caves, the misty ocean. Can't recommend it enough. And it's practically empty!

I made Whit touch a sea star and then we headed back to Auckland to avoid the wind and sand. Such a relaxed end to our day!


Bethell's Beach and Fairy Falls PT 2

We reached Fairy Falls after a brisk twenty-five minute walk downhill (and stairs, that we dreaded going back up). We were not disappointed. Rivers and streams followed us down the stairs. The water is so clear that it makes you want to step right in. We didn't because it was cold, but man if it were summer.

We didn't go all the way down because we still had Piha to explore that day, but there was a huge drop and people were swimming down below the falls. But we did get to see them, and enjoyed our own little private waterfalls instead. :)


Bethell's Beach and Fairy Falls PT 1

After I finished editing, Whitney and I took a day off and took a mini road trip! We drove an hour out to Bethell's beach on the west coast to see the gray sand and the gorgeous views. While the views didn't disappoint, the weather did. I don't think you can tell by the photos, but the wind was unbelievably chaotic. We had to hold our hands over our ears and brace ourselves from the noise and the power! Photos can be so deceiving, and these certainly are!

After taking some photos and admiring as best we could, we headed back to the car to drive to Piha and hope for less wind! On the way there we saw a tiny sign on the side of the road that pointed out a hike to Fairy Falls. So we did what any good kiwi would do and parked on the side of the road and took a hike! So glad we did.

Places like Fairy Falls are one of the reasons that New Zealand is so great. Little signs lead to big adventures (Is that a metaphor for life? I think so.) and certainly lead to beautiful places! Whitney and I were constantly asking if it was real. It feels too insane to be a real place you can just go. Rivers, waterfalls, and streams pop out of every corner like magic. The photos don't do it justice. The colors are more vibrant, the birds sing beautiful sounds, the air feels clean and fresh. It's an oasis.

Okay, I'll stop.

More photos of this day to come.